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Peak Premium Skirting and Timber Limited pride ourselves on only purchasing timber from companies who can provide chain of custardy, are able to sell FSC/PEFC certified wood, and meet Forest Law Enforcement, Governance, and Trade (FLEGT) and EUTR timber legality requirements.

We have children ourselves and whilst we are in an industry that is potentially damaging to the environment we have discovered that we can actually help the environment for our children as long as we purchase certified timber. Therefore all of Peak Premium's suppliers are certified green suppliers.

All of our European oak and softwood products are purchased from FSC certified mills. Our Prime American ash and Glacial oak adheres to the European Union Timber Regulations which the FSC explains here. This ensures that all of our American ash and oak is at a bare minimum, legally sourced. Using the American Hardwood export council's website as a guide we found that every state in the USA equals or grows more cubic meterage of American red oak per year apart from Texas. All of our glacial oak is sourced from the North Appalachian area which is mostly New York/ Pennsylvania states, not Texas.