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We've endeavoured to provide you with some of the finest quality wood available on the market. To provide you with a little more reassurance the descriptions below give you a feel for the quality of the wood, along with some of our own opinions on where each type would work well, wether that's the finish to your room or the impact in your pocket!


Prime European Oak - Quality grade 1

Just in a smooth planed form the beauty of this timber shines through, wether moulded or just plain, this wood will look fantastic. Prime European Oak has very few knots and any knots that do appear will be very small. Coupled with beautiful grain and good colour consistency you will never regret choosing this timber. 


Prime American Ash - Quality grade 1

Another timber with beautiful grain structure. On the whole Ash is very light in colour and will have very few knots. The colour of the timber can vary greatly within the same plank. If you like the possibility of varying colours to create character, ash is the timber for you.


Unsorted grade pine - Quality grade 1

Unsorted is the best quality pine available, it has very few knots and the knots that do appear will be very small. Very few, if any companies will sell this high grade of softwood as a skirting board or architrave, but we do. If pine is your choice you will not find finer quality anywhere.


Budget glacial Oak - Quality grade 3

Sourced sustainably in the USA, it is much lighter in colour than prime European Oak but has beautiful grain structure and the occasional knot which can be up to 50mm in diameter. If you like character this is a great choice. It is also possible to stain down to a European Oak like colour or even darker. We chose this timber because of the quality it provides at an excellent price.


5ths grade softwood pine - Quality grade 5    

This is a budget grade of pine which will have knots, the occasional heart wood and the occasional crack. If you want your skirting to look older or have more character, or you are on a tight budget, this will be an excellent choice for you.