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Peak Premium Skirting & Timber Limited is a subsidiary company of H. Lee and Son LTD, A 4th generation family business where knowledge of timber and timber products has been passed down and added to by family members for over 100 years. Some of this knowledge is no longer relevant with ironmongery and machinery advances and some of it is still very relevant and is now constantly overlooked by un-knowing companies and companies that prefer quick sales and increased productivity over the highest quality. 

A very simple but completely forgotten pearl of knowledge is what side of a plank of wood to put the skirting board or architrave mould onto. The mould must always be on the hart side of the timber no matter what type of timber you are moulding. Doing this will eliminate any risk of the skirting board developing a gap at the top where it meets the plaster. Many skirting board companies mould both sides of a piece of skirting with a different mould on each side, this is a sign of very low quality and gives the purchaser a 50/50 risk of developing big gaps at the top of the skirting post fitting.

Another way to cut costs is to use a lower grade of timber which will involve the skirting board containing more knots and splits, which when pricing around will make other companies possibly look cheaper. In reality you will end up purchasing more skirting board and architrave to replace the split pieces, or the pieces where the knots have dropped out. Peak Premium Skirting and Timber Products will only use the highest grade of pine on the market which is strangely referred to as unsorted and will only use prime grade hardwoods which again are the highest grade on the market.

We can match any skirting board up to 220mm deep, and any architrave. All we need is for you to send us a 300mm long sample for us to replicate and we can have it despatched 3 weeks from your sample arriving. This product will be quoted upon the arrival of your sample and the lineal metre price will depend upon the size of your order due to the cost of us purchasing individual cutters made to suit your profile.

The “Heart out”  rule also applies when making door casings and linings.

“Off the peg” internal doors will never swell yet occasionally on extensions or new builds where timber door linings have been used they will start dragging after a couple of months, this is because the lining will have cupped towards the door with the heat of the house as a result of the recess or “rebate” not being machined onto the hart side of the timber.

Another problem builders have is “off the peg” pre-made door linings being twisted and warped. This is caused by 3 things, the first is once again a low grade of timber being used, the second is poor storage, and the third is the linings being stored for too long without being fitted.

Another problem tradespeople have with door linings and casings is being able to purchase the correct size timber sections. Regulations are constantly changing and internal wall thicknesses are constantly changing depending on the age of a house and the specification of new builds and extensions.

Smaller joinery companies and sole traders will also find our company useful as we can supply specific sizes of joinery timbers for them to produce their own joinery products. These will not only be the exact size they want but also the timber will be straight and the highest grade available on the market so producing their own joinery will be made much easier.

Peak Premium timber products are also able to produce any size coverage tongue and groove boarding from 15-32mm thick out of any timber either ‘v’ jointed or in 5mm, 8mm or 12mm bead-butt which can be used to make doors, provide traditional floor boarding for listed buildings or to clad walls.

So, to sum up, Peak Premium Skirting and Timber Limited have a wide variety of high quality skirting boards, architraves, cladding and timber for you to choose from.